Green Slope SystemTM is used in road and rail infrastructures, in the field of hydrogeological and architecture to realize:

  • Retaining structures or terracing
  • Realization of cycle paths
  • Consolidation and reconstruction of slopes
  • Construction of noise embankments and rockfall
  • riverbank hydraulic works
  • Performers and slub bankside
  • Enlargement yards and rural areas

GREEN SLOPE SYSTEM™ is a newly developed system; the only one on the market with resistances from 35kN/m to 150kN/m and over.

GREEN SLOPE SYSTEM™ allows a lot of combinations of materials reaching very high performances in any kind of technical application. The great front area (more than 3 m²/element) simplifies and speeds up assembly operations.

The preassembled GREEN SLOPE SYSTEM ™ has a structural reinforcement made out of a woven polymer geogrid with high toughness that forms the anchor of the horizontal structural reinforcement, going inside the front area and ending with a top flap of minimum length of 1, 50 meters (or more if required by the project).

Because of the coir net and its high performance and durability, GREEN SLOPE SYSTEM™ ensures the growth of the vegetation. The coir netting is made of 100% vegetal fibers and its open mesh maximizes  hydroseeding  effectiveness. Contrary to synthetic fibers, the natural coir-fiber netting acts as water holding agent, improving germination and vegetation development.



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