CoWaste 180 is a two-component product that forms a protective layer over materials, keeping VOC’s, Dust, Odor, and radon from escaping into the environment.

CoWaste 180  is a patented, highly advanced ‘Air Entrained’ sprayable slurry. It creates an impervious barrier up to 1,5 cm in thickness that can last 12 months or longer. CoWaste 180  is a two-component system, consisting of chemical ‘A’ bags and a recycled vegetal fiber  ‘B’ bag.


CoWaste 180 is completely eco-friendly. It is biodegradable and non-toxic with recycled materials making one of the greenest & safest products in the world.


Main features:

  • Waste Layer Cover  - it creates a barrier  between the material and the environment
  • Less expensive alternative to HDPE geomembrane covers
  • Sprayable slurry - it can be applied using a CO.WA.MAC machine 
  • Cover for contaminated sediment and hazardous waste
  • Fugitive dust control media on hazardous site
  • Suppressing odors – sludge pond, other conditions
  • Cover over temporary soil to minimize oxygen penetration where active gas collection systems exist
  • Cover material during extreme weather: hurricanes, flooding, torrential downpours
  • Horizontal cover layer minimizing the penetration of oxygen into bailfill landfills to reduce the chance of fires
  • Steep slope stabilization and erosion control


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