With the development and the experience gained in over 12 years of installations, Full Service has set itself to safeguard and to improve the territory by choosing specific products which are intended to the construction and the stabilization of drive roads and cycle pedestrian lanes in a naturalistic context or within special areas. Wherever asphalt or cement cannot be used to stabilize a surface, our solutions are perfect to stabilize or build natural aggregate draining roads, eliminating dust problems as well.

Thanks to international partnerships, Full Service proposes itself to the European market with products that stabilize soils and aggregates of any nature avoiding the exploitation of the territory; keeping the landscape pleasing; controlling the emissions of PM 10 and PM 2,5 dusts; and considerably reducing CO2 emissions.

Full Service dust control products and solutions are tested and certified environmentally friendly and safe for people handling with them daily. All the products are liquid and easy to apply.

The range of products, which has been used for over 40 years all around the world, includes:

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