Full Service is an Italian company located in Padua.


Our philosophy?

We work tiptoeing to leave a print as light as possible in order to protect the environment.  


Our mission?

We keep innovating and evolving by studying and promoting ecofriendly technologies, always safeguarding the environment (resource savings, consumption and CO2 reduction).


We have kept researching and innovating in a time span of over 30 years until we became an important reality and a national and international reference point in the environmental protection sector. Our Staff has been a pioneer in Italy in the developing of specific technical solutions for grass planting and the recovering of deteriorated areas, by proposing and implementing a wide range of erosion control and soil conservation and recovering products and tools.


For over 10 years we have been introducing a new complete range of innovative and ecofriendly dust control products, as well as solutions for the realization of natural paving on roads, cycle pedestrian lanes, parks and gardens.


We have also developed a brand new geotechnical sector with innovative, preassembled and smart solutions for hydrogeological drainage and stabilization, as well as products for daily/medium/long-term cover of landfills and contaminated sites.


We can count on the support of our international partners: through the research and the countless applications realized all over the world we have developed a know-how that can be helpful for our customers, so we want to share it with you.


Our Staff is at your complete disposal: the company technical service is carried out by experts who identify the most suitable system, tailor the solution, estimate the economic aspects, define some specifications which give guarantees to both the contractor and the designer, and provide customer service during the installation process.


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The Staff

Federico Tecchio

Federico Tecchio
Owner and Business Manager
Hydroseeding, Erosion Control, Hydroseeding machines and equipments 

E-mail: federico@fullservice-it.com