FULL SERVICE implements dust control solutions that suppress P.M. 10 – PM 2.5 dusts and secure the safety of the workers within building sites, steel mills or quarries. Our wide range of ecofriendly products delivers the highest standards in suppressing dusts.

We offer assistance with customer-applied solutions to control dust in:

  • Road building
  • Agricultural sector
  • Mining and Quarrying sectors
  • Steelwork operations

Full Service dust control products and solutions are tested and certified environmentally friendly and safe for people handling with them daily. All the products are liquid and easy to apply. Thanks to their characteristics, our dust control products can eliminate or dramatically reduce the use of water – a natural resource often used to suppress dust on unpaved dusty roads.

The range of products, which has been used for over 40 years all around the world, includes:

Technical documentation: 
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